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Alarm Installers

Burglar Alarm System

Not at home? Not a problem. With our camera systems, monitor your spaces from the convenience of your own smartphone device. Element Box security cameras offers you high-resolution feed for you to view. Play back footage of your home and property from anywhere with a internet connection.


Home Security Systems

Put your mind at ease and secure the safety of your property by using alarm systems. Installing an alarm in your business or home decreases the chances of burglars getting in and successful robberies. With our alarm system, you can get 24/7 protection and careful monitoring.

Element Box Inc.’s alarm monitoring provides you with an easy to use and reliable communication system that connects your home or office to the central control center. Our services are reliable and dependable.


Our security specialist has expertise in installation and designing this high quality alarm system. Receive live video feed and playback from days ago. In the case that someone enters your premise, sensors will be triggered and an alarm will ring. Our team will be alerted and you will get the help you need immediately. You can receive notifications from your devices as well.