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Anti-Virus Software

Everyone who uses a computer goes online. Without internet, a computer becomes almost obsolete. Whether it be Facebook, Twitter or YouTube, going online exposes your computer to the outside world. Although, most contents that are found online is perfectly safe, some contents will mess with your system and prevent it from performing. viruses, Trojans, spyware and the infamous FBI virus, are all found while going online. However, there is a way to save and protect your computer. Most of these problems are solved with a clean installation of the original operating system. We also offer various virus protection and data backup options, to make sure that you have your data after a clean installation.

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Where Does Virus Comes From

the most common question is where does viruses come from. The source is normally through pop-up ads or downloads. This can occur on any website, but mainly on popular websites. Although not every virus will display itself as a virus, it will take up space on your computer and operate in the background. The best indicator of a virus would be either popups or if your system runs significantly slower than it did a few days before. Certain viruses will disable the anti-virus that you have installed, so a through check of your system with a technician is your best defense against viruses.

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System Re-installation

The best solution to tackle any virus problems will be to have a clean installation of your original licensed Operating System (OS). A clean installation ensures that your system is now virus free, however any type of data backup may contain viruses. installation of additional anti-virus programs are encouraged after a clean installation of your OS, to prevent any further viruses from corrupting your system.

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