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Running Slow?

Whether your computer is new or 10 years old, all systems tend to slow down after a while. No matter how slow it may get, you can always make your computers run faster. With a simple systems check, we can help you identify what is slowing you down and make you run faster. A slow computer gets nothing done, and wastes time. Bring in your computer, or have us go to your location and we can increase the speed of your computer!

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Software Update

With most network systems, problems occur when there is a slow connection between computers due to software. An update or software reload should increase the running speed as long as the the system meets the requirements. Another issue with software would be communication with other programs or compatibility issues. with compatibility issues, various versions or a newer version of the program should fix the problem.

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Hardware Upgrade

Commonly the main reason why your system is running slow is due to hardware problems. Most systems check will reveal that there’s either a hard drive problem, memory problem or a processor problem. Most of these issues are easy to fix and your system should be ready to go after 2-3 hours. However, for those systems that don’t meet the requirements of the processes, we can upgrade your hardware to have it run optimally for that application.

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