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Security is no longer a luxury in America, it has become a necessity. We offer a wide range of security cameras and DVR systems along with various kits. You can just have a few set up to watch your door, or to have a lot of them to watch a warehouse. The use of the CCTV is up to you, but they can be set up anywhere with the specification that you like. Our standard systems start with 700 TVL 4 channel Sony chipset systems. We also offer specialty cameras for outdoor, indoor and businesses. With a the installation of a new system, we offer a complimentary diagnostics to ensure what type of system would accomplish your security goals.

Factors to Consider

When installing the cameras, our technicians will let you know about all the factors that will affect the performance of the cameras. However there are other factors to consider like types of camera, TVL, Lux, Indoor/ Outdoor, Remote Viewing and IR. So here’s a crash course on basic factors that one should consider before setting up.

The TVL is the quality of the recording. The higher the number, the better the image.

Lux is the minimal amount of light needed for a decent image. The lower the number, less light is needed for the camera’s operation.

IR is infrared. Cameras with infrared allows recording of a decent image at low lighting situations.

The environment is important in considering the type of cameras. With outdoor cameras, there are weatherproof or waterproof cameras and cases. Indoor cameras have variation in focus, shape and distance.

Remote viewing gives you the ability to look at the cameras on your phone or computer without actually being at the place where the cameras are installed.





Types of Cameras

There are various types of camera dependent on shape, use and environment. the most common types would be full body, dome, spy, bullet, PTZ, night vision and specialty cameras. For indoor cameras, with a business intention, a Full Body Camera is recommended as it quality is high enough to identify small objects, like coins from a distance. PTZ cameras are outdoor cameras with the ability to move the camera remotely. Specialty cameras are manufactured for either special locations, like corners or hidden cameras.