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Remote/Phone Support

Support – to sustain or withstand without giving way; which mean we got your back. The most important thing after you get the POS that can help you meet your goal is to maintain it. With various plans, and services, we can help you find a way to fix your system with minimal down time.

We offer a standard 30 day remote and on-call service complimentary to all new POS systems. However, that doesn’t mean that we turn our backs to you after that period. If you believe in what we believe in, which is giving 100% support for a long time, we offer a 1 year unlimited remote and on-call service. For many of those who don’t believe in long term commitments, that fine too, because we have a support service that also just right for you. For those looking for a quick solution, we offer on-call and remote support. At Element Box, we try our best to support you and make it convenient for you to reach your goals!


On-Site Service

For those super tricky problems that we all have to dig in deep for, we have a solution for that too. most of these problems can range from creating a website for your services, change a menu, or even fix your hardware. For most of these problems, everything depends on the situation. We offer a $45 diagnostics fee for identifying hardware problems, but it will be waived if you agree to resolve the problem. For other software problems, you can contact us to receive a quote and discover other ways to resolve the situation. For those who really love us and want to work side by side with us to resolve an issue, we offer an on-site service where we go to you and resolve an issue. Emergency On-site services are offered at $150 per hour unless you have a service contract with us. No matter the schedule or situation, we will always try to make it convenient for you.


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Hardware Support

Every great system comes with great hardware and software. No matter how great a system is, they can wear or breakdown. With our support, software can be resolved easily over the phone or remotely but, what about hardware? Hardware cannot be replaced or reconfigured without actually fixing  the device and taking time. That is why we offer a 30 day exchange policy to go with the 30 day complimentary on-call, remote support. The manufacture also offers a 1 year limited warranty on their hardware, but we will go a step further and offer you an option where we negotiate on your behalf with the manufacturer.

However the manufacturer’s limited warranty does not cover accidental damages or physical damage, that’s why we also offer EB Care. EB Care will cover two cases of accidental damage and extend your warranty for an extra year! With different configurations of hardware, we offer various EB Care plans to best serve your hardware!

Given the conditions that kitchen equipment have to go through, we also offer a solution if your warranty expired. depending on the damages of the hardware, we can fix it. The repair time frame does depend on the availability of the part and the nature of the damage.



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