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On-Site Service

Computer or network problems? Sure, we’ll be there, in the rain, snow, or hurricane, we can help you recover from any computer related problems. With a flat rate of $85 for local areas, we will respond within 36 hours. For those special emergencies, we can respond within 3 hours. Of course, this only applies to local areas and regions that is reasonable.


POS On-Site

Most POS systems require immediate attention and to help you minimize your downtime, we will have a support team at your location within 3 hours. Maintaining a fully operational POS system is quite easy when you know the concept of your system. Training sessions and basic manuals can be requested at anytime to help you better maintain your system.








Camera On-Site Service

Camera or security system problems? We can have a technician go over to your location at a scheduled time and correct the situation. we understand how important it is to get your security system back up and running. to increase efficiency, it is optimal to have detailed information on the issue.