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POS Consulting


0€ / year
    • Next Generation Retail Solution System.
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POS Lavu

19$ / month
    • Next Generation Restaurant Point On Sale System.
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29$ / month
    • Restaurant Point On Sale System
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Salon Iris

49$ / month
    • Salon Point On Sale System
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Take your POS to go! When you have clients sitting at a table, amaze them with the simplified ordering process without ever going to the kitchen. You can even sit and talk to them throughout the process, personalizing the entire experience.



Order from any mobile Apple device! Your menu uploaded to the cloud, so you can order from any supported devices by downloading POSLavu and reload your settings!

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No Wires!!! Well, minimal wires. The entire system is connected through WiFi, so replacement or adding a new component to the system is quick, simple and painless.



POSLavu Brings your restaurant to the Next Level by using iPad as your station and iTouch for your waiter.


POSLavu is not only the best intelligent combination of cloud computing, wireless technologies, sleek touchscreen interface restaurant POS system available, it is also user friendly, easy to use, powerful and affordable. Combining wireless technology, remote management with quick installation, POSLavu offers a powerful tool in modern day restaurant POS solutions. Even Chef Ramsey believes so, as he showcased POSLavu on Kitchen Nightmares.


Why POSLavu?

There are many types of Point of Sale to choose from. What makes POSLavu the best choice for you?
Highly Intuitive Interface Save on training time Increase efficiency Reduce waste from error
Mobile and Wireless Take/send orders from anywhere in your network Process payments from the tableside Easy to add devices and scale up
FREE Software Upgrades Upgrades for the lifetime of your system Updates through the App Store and auto-updates on the backend
Remote Management Accessible through any browser, anywhere in the world Track moment-to-moment activity, manage settings and content in real-time
Exportable Reporting Search by date/time range, user, even groups you create Upload to your accounting software – the formats and fields it needs



POSLavu can be setup in 3 easy steps!



From start to finish



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