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123 Pet

is a POS kenneling system that will make your business more organized, letting you focus on what matters most. Besides making and checking appointments online, edit grooming notes, remote access, detailed reports and automatic reminders, 123 Pet allows multi-store management, loyalty points, inventory management, marketing, payroll and even automatically back up your data. there are various versions of 123 Pet, you can choose the version that best fit your needs to accomplish your goals below. for more information, you can go here.


Business Management

With 123Pet, you can increase your management skills and improve on work flow at the same time! With this system, any type of time management will now be on you mobile device, including employee and appointment management. Clients will always forget something, that’s why this software comes with a call reminder, clientele history and profile. At the end of the day, it can give you reports, card processing, payroll, profit and loss reports; allowing you to just quickly glance and export the files to Quick Books. this would save you a lot of time, compared to the traditional system. if you have more than one location, on the go, or multiple computers, that’s fine too! with the multi-store version of 123 Pet, you can acess the system on your mobile devices, on any computer, in any store.







There are many services or programs that offer similar solutions, so what makes this POS better than the rest? The answer lies in its detailed clientele profile. This POS comes with a online marketing system! All you have to do is set up your campaign, and with a click of a button, E-mails are sent to all of your clients, allowing them to know your latest promotion or products. Gift cards are teh perfect way to give to your releatives around the holidays, or as a gift. With this system, gift cards can be managed easily. besides gift cards, loyal customers, should get some sort of reward for their loyalty. Rewards and loyalty rewards point systems can be tracked though thsi system. You no longer need to aske for a third party rewards program, or gind another system to make gift cards. They can all be managed through 123 pet!